Testing & use

All skis/snowboards are different. Therefore, to ensure security, determining the best hanging technique for your gear is crucial. Conduct the following test to find your gear's best storage technique before use.


1. After installation, ensure the surrounding area is free from valuables.

2. Evaluate hanging techniques (shown below) and start with your preferred method.

3. Insert gear into Grabber using the selected hanging technique.

4. Evaluate and observe that your gear stays exactly where you originally placed it for 24 hours by continually checking on your equipment.

5. If you notice any movement during the testing process, select another hanging technique and repeat the testing process until secure.

Usage requirements for proper storage

Prior to each use, ensure that:

1) The Gear is being stored dry

2) The area surrounding the Grabber is free from valuables

3) The Grabber is free of damage

4) The Grabber & arms are level

5) The most secure hanging technique has been identified

6) The area surrounding the Grabber is free from valuables

7) The equipment being stored is properly seated

Hanging Techniques


Safety information

** BEFORE DRILLING & INSTALLING MOUNTING HARDWARE — BE SURE NO electrical, gas, water, or other obstructions will be interfered with or damaged. **NOTE: Drilling into electrical or gas lines can result in serious injury, death, and/or fire. If unsure of the exact location of these obstructions, seek professional help.

** DO NOT INSTALL over personnel, work areas, and/or walkways.

** BEFORE INSTALLING—MAKE SURE structure where Gravity Grabber® is attached is ADEQUATE to support Gravity Grabber® and stored equipment. If unsure, seek professional help.

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