Why is Gravity Grabber Different?

The damage free storage solution

Say goodbye to damaged rocker, tips, and tails. Gravity Grabber's precise point of contact holds not only skis but boards too, right where they are supposed to be held.


Not only is Gravity Grabber easy to install, using it is even easier. Smooth swivel arms designed for a free-flowing range of motion make stowing and going easier than ever.

integrated pole hangers

Keep that kit together. Your days of poles thrown and piled up in the corner are gone.

Slip-Resistant Pads

Between a natural gravity locking design and slip-resistant rubber pads, hang your gear how YOU want.

Interlocking Corners

For those who value aesthetics,

Interlocking corners make it easy, not only to store your gear safe, but to make your setup look good too.

the stoke from others