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Common Questions

Gravity Grabber is designed to hold any type of ski or snowboard, no matter the shape or size. From cross country skis to powder skis, Gravity Grabber has you

Gravity Grabbers currently hold skis and ski poles, snowboards, skateboards, longboards, shovels, rakes, and other tools. If you hang something unique in your
Gravity Grabbers we'd love to hear about it!

Currently, Gravity Grabber iS only designed to hold one snowboard per Grabber.

Currently, at their maximum open width, Gravity Grabber opens to 1-7/8 inches wide.

The (wood) screws provided are 1" long. Our drywall screws are made of Nylon and are a great option if studs are not available.

While mounting Gravity Grabber into studs is an option, it is not required. Gravity Grabber comes with nylon drywall screws, giving you the option to mount Gravity Grabber wherever you need!

Gravity Grabber is 8 inches wide.

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